Earl Grey Lavendar 1

We’re really excited here at Lucia & Co. that the Earl Grey Lavender tea – one of our favorites – is here!


It’s here just in time to enjoy as the air starts to cool down. The sweet, fragrant floral notes are followed up by a rich, citrusy finish that really has a warming and comforting vibe yet when I’m done sipping it – I feel ready for the day from the caffeine bonus in the black tea leaves!


Although more famous for its royal history, Earl Grey Lavender does offer some health benefits.


For instance, earl grey has bergamot oil, which not only adds the trademark citrus undertone flavor to the tea, it is also used to help anxiety and calm nerves. Coupled with the lavender, which is widely revered for its calming aromatherapy benefits, this tea is wonderful when you want to unwind after a long day or take a minute to relax during a busy afternoon.


Speaking of the lavender – what an amazing herb! The health benefits of lavender include many uses for restlessness. According to Web MD, lavender can help sleep disturbances, anxiety, and can calm the stomach. Lavender can also help with migraines and provides a calming relaxation benefit just by enjoying the smell when used in aromatherapy. And it is delicious in this tea!


The black tea leaves used in earl grey tea have many health benefits, too, from the antioxidants found in the tea leaves. One particular antioxidant is polyphenol – which can protect your cells from DNA damage (Web MD). In addition, black tea may also protect against osteoporosis, lung cancer, diabetes, and high cholesterol.


With all that in mind, Earl Grey Lavender makes a wonderful business gift that will show your thoughtfulness – you won’t soon be forgotten as they enjoy this wonderfully unique and delicious tea.


P.S. Make sure to order soon because it’s only here for a limited time. Enjoy some for your health, too!